Betty Khronic Is Redefining Edibles: Leaders of Healthy Alternatives

The edible market is flooded with treats, sweets, and all sorts of delectable goodness. Most seem to be designed to induce feelings of relaxation, often resulting in couch lock and the urge to devour everything in sight. But is that the future of the edible market? What will people want one year or three years from now? The team at Betty Khronic says they have the answer. They have created a cannabis-infused energy bar, a product that signals the changing winds in our ever-growing health conscious world.

Betty Khronic was founded by Michael Garcia and Katina Morales. Katina, who is mostly referred to as Betty, is a long distance runner who had been creating her own cannabis-infused products. Training for the Boston Marathon prompted Katina to pursue a line of products for high-performing athletes and working professionals. The initial feedback she received from her patients was overwhelmingly favorable and encouraged her to create a product line that would appeal to a network of people that has yet to be tapped into. Mike, on the other hand, spent 12 years in the army, during which he became a certified chef. Following his military career, he decided to channel his passions for plant-based nutrition, which prompted him to launch a raw vegan energy bar company.

Katina and Mike met in September 2015 at the Los Angeles Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, where a mutual friend introduced them. Four months later, the new associates launched Betty Khronic. Mike and Katina’s goal was to maximize the relaxing effects of cannabis in partnership the active high of a sativa. Their cannabis-infused energy bar is made only from high-grade sativa flower. The duo looks for sativa strains with specific effects, such as elevating the mood or enhancing productivity and focus.

“There are many people moving toward health-conscious diets and lifestyles—and Betty Khronic is a market leader.”

Betty Khronic only buys lab-tested flower before the team at Betty’s does their own oil extraction, using coconut oil instead of alcohol as a healthier alternative. The oil then gets tested at two labs to verify that it meets the requirements of compliance. From there, the oil can be used to make energy bars. In the pursuit of a high quality and consistent product, Betty Khronic only processes six bars at a time. The smaller batches assure that quality can be maintained throughout all batches.

Customer feedback so far has consistently highlighted the quality of the product. One of the most frequent reviews is that consumers appreciate that they don’t have to plan for it. The energy bars won’t leave customers with a heavy comedown and they’re great to consume before a long day of work. In fact, due to their nutritious ingredients, the bars are wholesome enough that they could even substitute as a meal. They have seven grams of protein per bar and only natural sugars. The low glycemic index could allow for people with diabetes to use this product, whereas most edibles would have sugar doses that are too high.

The energy bars are all vegan and comprised of locally sourced, raw materials. The packaging for the energy bars is also made locally in Oregon. It’s the goal of the team at Betty Khronic for all of their materials to be American made. More specifically, they’re aiming to source their materials from the West Coast alone. With raw, vegan materials at the foundation of the ingredients, consumers are more likely to feel energized as a result of the super foods included in the bars.

The products crafted by Betty Khronic will fill a void within the edible market. The energy bars come two per package and each bar has 40 milligrams of THC. At $20 for the two bars, customers are not only getting a great deal, but they can rest assured knowing the product was made with high-quality ingredients. There are many people moving toward health-conscious diets and lifestyles—and Betty Khronic is a market leader.

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