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Bhomchelly’s: Little Gummy Does Big Things



BHOMCHELLY'S: Little Gummy Does Big Things 1

Tested by: 3B Analytical

If you were fond of gummies as a kid, you’re going to get a kick out of these delectable treats. Initially created to give relief to patients who can’t or don’t want to smoke cannabis, founder Michelle Renee created a little candy that does big things. Each one of these bad boys packs quite a bit of THC—they come in 13, 50, 100, and 500 mg doses—and they offer fun, fruity flavors such as strawberry, apple and watermelon. Within 20 minutes of consumption I felt a call to adventure. There’s a warm, head-in-the-clouds feel to their high. Colors were extra vivid, and sparks of creativity were flowing freely. Aside from medical patients, I would recommend these BhombChelly’s treats to music festival lovers, adventure seekers, or even Netflix and chill fans. Happy 420!

Instagram: @bhomchellyjellys



Nectar on Sandy

3350 NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR 97232



17020 SE Division St

Portland, OR 97236

Available at other locations


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