Billifer’s Hard Candies

This tangy hard candy is larger than most and has that familiar fruity tartness that’s sure to spark a few memories from childhood. Even if you’re not a fan of lozenges or hard candies these can win anyone over. Billifer’s Buds of Spokane Washington has certainly created a new favorite edible among this writer’s group of friends. Just as sweet as the summertime treat, these little jewels have a noticeable but pleasant cannabis flavor taste, and each colorful drop is bursting with flavor and 10mg of THC.

Perfectly sized for easily controlled dosing, a couple of these can be quite strong for newcomers. The effects seem to come on quickly, within an hour of consuming. These candies are a perfect way to relax, and enjoy the weekend. Grab your favorite blanket, a tray of Holiday goodies with these gems and enjoy your favorite flick in style.

Dope Staff

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