Blackberry Kush Sugar: Only The Prophets Could’ve Known It Would Be So Good

Test Results: 66.62% THC | .16% CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

Sugar Rush of Blackberry Kush

Like a more esoteric spirit, Prophet’s Blackberry Kush is a concentrate that’s best enjoyed with keen attention. The saucy sugar is gorgeous, like crystallized honey, tempting me to stick my finger in and have a lick! It exudes a light cocoa aroma and is flavored like sparkling water, with a subtle sweet-tart profile—the memory of a dark chocolate and berry bar.

The cool, easy smoke drove me to keep pushing my e-nail temp further and further down, delighting in the huge globs I was able to inhale. I experienced a focused high with a hint of psychedelia, tailored to creative tasks that benefit from a flow state. Eschewing Blackberry Kush’s indica lineage, a scarcity of CBN left me calm, but not tranquilized.

Blackberry Kush Prophet Cannabis
Blackberry Kush – Prophet Cannabis of California

Lacking the energy and potential anxiety of your typical powerhouse sativas, this a great concentrate for first-time dabbers, but has unique qualities that will also catch the attention of discerning low-temp connoisseurs.

Strain Name: Blackberry Kush |Produced By: Prophet Cannabis|

Provided by: BASA Collective Available At: BASA Collective, 1326 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

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