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Blaze Bar



Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 2

Creamy chocolate with a cookie crumble crunch never had it so good in the cookies and cream Blaze Bar. Rich chocolate melts quickly leaving behind delightfully crunchy morsels of chocolate cookie. The creamy flavors do well to conceal the cannabis flavor, leaving only a pleasant hint of herb to compliment the other ingredients.

The producers of the Blaze Bar are helping to set an example in Oregon for dosage control. Hash-marked into 10 equal parts, each bar is embossed with “Blaze” which also signifies 10mg of THC per piece, or the equivalent of one dose. The suggested standard dose is 30mg, or three pieces, but they recommend beginning with one piece, or 10mg.

I consumed the standard recommended dose of 30mg and waited twenty minutes for the effect of the first piece before eating two more 10mg pieces. About fifteen more minutes passed before a noticeable effect set in. Relaxation manifested first, followed by an extremely calm state of mind, and the effects were not over powering and rather pleasant at that dose.

Beautiful recyclable packaging features a novel slider window that allows for much appreciated visual inspection of the candy.

I give the Blaze Bar a thumbs up for being a flavorful, visually appealing infused treat that’s not only packaged nicely but also delivers enjoyable effects to match the hype.

Other Blaze Bar flavors include: Dark Chocolate Blood Orange, Maple Bacon and the standard dark and milk chocolate.

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