Blazed & Infused: Going Behind the Seeds of Cannabis Cuisine

Blazed & Infused

Blazed & Infused marks the first of a progressive series of nationwide farm-to-table, medicated dining experiences to come from Grassfed Hospitality. Directed by GreenState Best Chef winner, Payton Curry and fueled by Phoenix Green Farms, Dicot and Harvest of Arizona, the event hopes to further defuse negative stigmas and continue to educate the public on the power of Cannabis as a vegetable. The evening took place at Brat Haus in Old Towne Scottsdale and featured a fully infused buffet for every diet, a variety of top shelf vendors, a fresh cannabis-juice bar, two mobile consumption structures furnished by Sunday Goods, live music from Lee Perreira and special guest speaker Abdullah Saeed—host of Vicelands’ Bong Appétit!

Anticipation rose as the line of patients stretched around the block, while local and national media sources clamored for interviews, asking questions like: Is this legal? It is of course, for those of you wondering, “but it takes a community,” says Curry. Registered MMJ card holders may purchase tickets strictly for food, while the cannabis used to infuse is donated as a free gift from sponsors Harvest, Dicot Farms and the Grassfed Hospitality staff members personal allotment, Curry included. Coupled with Brat Haus’ PTO (permit to operate), the stage is set for a private event, closed to the public.

Blaze & Infused - Abdullah Saeed

In addition to discovering more about the legal prep work required to host an event like this, I wanted to find out what else brought this dinner to life. For that, I took a deeper look behind the scenes where Chef Jeff of Brat Haus and Amanda of Flourish Kitchen were hard at work with their staff, preparing a smorgasbord of delectable dishes for patients anxiously awaiting a meal they hoped would be one to remember.

The event itself started days earlier for the kitchen staff as they prepared their menu, evaluated quantities and fine-tuned recipes, ensuring every detail and measurement was accounted for. The morning of, Kurt of Phoenix Green Farms handpicked nearly 200lbs of fresh produce that included lettuce, beets, ginger, potatoes, herbs and more. Curry himself even supplied his own backyard-lemons used for the canna-juice bar – a juice bar featuring, a tasty, non-psychoactive beverage made from fresh lemons, ginger, coconut water and cannabis leaves.

Blazed & Infused

The brunt of the work took place the day of as Amanda and her staff diligently handmade and labeled nearly every ingredient for the thousands of individual dishes served throughout the night to the 350 registered diners, including elements such as sausages, carbonara sauce, tomato jam, pork sliders, falafel, tzatziki sauce, CBD mustard, hummus, potato soup and so much more. Amazingly, they operated like a fine-tuned machine, working shoulder to shoulder in a squared off corner of an already cozy kitchen, specifically reserved for ‘medicated’ prep work; while the Brat Haus staff prepared the non-medicated portions of each dish.

I did my best to remain out-of-the-way as the busy staff worked with precision. Their hands dancing over ingredients as they shouted back and forth to one another with requests and confirmations. Oven doors flew open and vegetables fell to the blade while pots bubbled, filling the kitchen with a flurry of intoxicating aromas that had me licking my lips. Taking a brief moment, Amanda pulled me aside to show me how she was going to infuse the medicated Beer Cheese Sauce. “We have to emulsify the distillate into a soluble fat first, before we can mix it. We’re using cream for the cheese sauce which we’ve heated up first.” She shows me the milky concoction before dumping it into the huge pot of sauce and then, to my amazement, pulls out a mixer half her size and proceeds to mix for the next 15 minutes, ensuring the sauce is fully blended.

These steps were repeated in one form or another for each dish before being staged on special racks labeled, ‘medicated.’ From there, the team would carefully hand build each dish with calculated accuracy, before the runners were given the okay to take the food to the awaiting patrons. It ran this way for the next 3 hours, as the kitchens worked together in a balanced harmony until every morsel had been claimed and it was time to break down.

With the evening at an end for the diners, the staff still had its work cut out for it as each person did their part to clean up and return the kitchen to the way it was before sitting down to a final meeting around 10:30pm to discuss the successes and potential opportunities of the evening. When all was said and done, they had put in a grueling 17-hour day, in order to provide an experience for the community unlike any other.

One thing’s for certain, there is a lot of hard work and a lot of people that made this event, and events like it, possible. Truly a labor of love, it’s people like these that are setting the standards in our industry and showing us that with dedication and education, you can ‘bake anything happen.’


The Menu

-Potwurst Sausage with Infused Mustard or Ketchup, Kraut and Relish

-Pretzel Joint with Infused Beer Cheese Sauce

-Falafel with Marinated Cabbage and Infused Vegan Tzatziki

-BHLT Sliders with Shaved Lettuce and Infused Tomato Jam

-Carbonara Pasta with Infused Cream Sauce (with or without bacon)

-Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup

-Local Salad with Infused Lemon Vinaigrette

-Cilantro and Serrano THC Hummus with Fresh Crudité

-Local Lemonade with Infused Honey

Brought to you by: Payton Curry, Dicot, Harvest of Arizona, Phoenix Green Farms, Abdullah Saeed, Brat Haus, Grassfed Hospitality, Flourish Kitchen