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Blue Dream #4 X Lemon Kush Wax: Zesty, Uplifting Berry Ride



BLUE DREAM #4 x LEMON KUSH WAX: Zesty, Uplifting Berry Ride 1

68.27% THC – 0.15% CBD | Tested by: SC Labs

Upon receiving their product, I can immediately tell that Deviant Dabs’ target is the high-class consumer, and their Lemon Kush x Blue Dream #4 wax does not disappoint. Deviant packages their concentrates in a distinctive and discrete container resembling a compact mirror that begs to be reused, more easily slipping into my pocket than the standard silicone puck and providing more protection than an envelope. The dark caramel wax resembles a crumble, but the remaining lipids maintain their structure, offering the smell of lemons and a thick, waxy smoke.

A legendary strain with many imitators, Deviant Dabs delivers on Blue Dream’s signature Blueberry flavor—a hold-over from its indica lineage pleasantly cut with citrus aromas from the Lemon Kush. With 68% Δ9THC, even a small dab of this sativa gave me a bright, energetic high that elevated me off the couch, urging me to take on the day.

Blue Dream #4 x Lemon Kush

Blue Dream #4 x Lemon Kush


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