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Blue Dream Live Resin Sauce Pen



Blue Dream Live Resin Sauce Pen by Gilt x Halo, Inc.

Blue Dream Live Resin Sauce Pen by Gilt

Pick up one of Gilt’s ultra-portable and discreet Live Resin Sauce Pens and take a long puff of its delicious and therapeutic terpene rich oil. An ample selection of strains led me to choose Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid native to California. Leveling qualities of the experience transported my mind into a balanced and uplifting reverie as I enjoyed the dusk of a summer evening. The full spectrum live resin blend of cannabis extract affirms that this disposable vaporizer is more flavorful and effective than other contenders I’ve tried.

Gilt’s Extractions are always made from fresh frozen material sourced from trusted partners in Mendocino County. Additionally, there are no added terpenes or artificial flavors. Gilt puts care into handling and filling the pens with low-heat technology. Halo Cannabis takes pride in parenting Gilt’s brand, developing forward thinking technologies and raising them as an innovative flagship of a modern cannabis lifestyle.

Blue Dream Live Resin Sauce Pen by Gilt x Halo, Inc.

Available At…

  1. Herbarium – West Hollywood: 979 N La Brea Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90038
  2. Goldn Bloom: 3385 Sunrise St., San Diego, CA 92102
  3. Strain Balboa Caregivers: 21627 Devonshire St., Chatsworth, CA 91311


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