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Blueberry Silvertip: Blueberry Picking will Never Be The Same



BLUEBERRY SILVERTIP: Blueberry Picking will Never Be The Same 1

23.1% THC | 0.77% CBD – True Northwest Inc.

This unique hybrid strain blends the best of its parents bringing about a truly memorable bud. The green leaves are barely visible past the white trichomes and rusty red hairs while a distinct fruity flavor is detectable from first smell to last taste.

A mildly hazy but happy effect from the Montana Silvertip settled in my mind leaving me stoned but aware. The Blueberry sealed the deal by providing a relaxation that wasn’t lethargic. Highly recommend this for any anxious individuals who want to relax in a social setting or for anyone wanting a good party strain for the weekend.

Blueberry Silvertip

Blueberry Silvertip


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