Bodhi High’s Sam Kannall: Prioritizing Charity and Authenticity

Sam Kannall believes in community service — the owner of the cannabis production company Bodhi High spent significant time abroad in Southeast Asia to study and teach organic farming techniques to orphanages in developing economies. And while his work in places like Thailand and the Philippines paid off abroad, he knew there was more work to do at home in the Northwest. “I realized after doing a lot of work in Asia,” reflects Kannall, “that there’s a big need for people in our own local areas.”

So, he followed his passion and manifested a vision he had for his Spokane-based company, which launched in 2015. Kannall created a business entity that empowers its employees and community by providing well-paying jobs and career training. Known for growing high-quality, pesticide-free products with organic methods in mind, Bodhi High focuses on high terpene extraction for their popular vape pens, crumbles and shatter. Bodhi High, a Tier II farm that grows most of the flower used in its oil extractions, now services over 200 dispensaries statewide and employs about 45 people.

“‘You spend eight to 10 hours a day working … For somebody to spend half of their life not being their authentic selves doesn’t do anyone justice.’” – Sam Kannall, Bodhi High owner

“We try to help people be their [best] selves day to day,” he maintains. “It starts in the way our company engages with employees, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow and by holding a high set of ethics and standards for the products we produce.” A simple idea underpins these high-minded efforts: come to work as you are, naturally. “You spend eight to 10 hours a day working,” Kannall says. “For somebody to spend half of their life not being their authentic selves doesn’t do anyone justice. One thing I appreciate at Bodhi High is our team. We support each other as individuals. We realize all our differences are actually all assets.”

And while Bodhi High is growing as a company, they remember to reach out to other organizations in their neighborhood. Recently, the team partnered with animal rescue facilities in the Spokane area and a women’s recovery center to help in their efforts. As Kannall looks to the future, he hopes his brand and ideas will grow to larger markets. “We want to take Bodhi High to national and international markets,” he declares. “The future is looking bright.”