Breast Revolution: Massage, Self-Care, Empower with Bōsm Oil

Bōsm Breast Oil

“Why are you wearing a bra?” That question was posed to me the night of my 27th birthday. I thought, “It was cute, and has no underwire.” That’s my rule nowadays: No underwire and rarely, if ever, a bra. Bōsm Breast Oil encourages free boobies. If able to live the “bra-free is the way to be” motto, we discover that bra-free time allows for connective tissues to stay firm and toned, therefore healthy. Under wires are compressing and restrict lymph nodes, trapping cellular waste in breast tissue.

Scents – THC: Sweet Orange and Geranium | CBD: Ylang Yland and Sandalwood

Bōsm Wellness was created by Raea Campbell to help raise breast cancer awareness and encourage self-care. After her mother was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Campbell formulated the Bōsm formula focused around cannabis and castor oil. Her discovery? The best formulation for stimulating lymphatic flow is to combine castor, cannabis and essential oils for the most effective formula. “Castor oil is magical because it increases the uptake of the other molecules it is mixed with,” says Campbell. Bōsm exudes confidence with trace aromas of sweet orange orchards and warm earth.

Bōsm Breast Oil


“I believe the beauty/self-care industry of the future is going to focus on unlocking and featuring health and wellness from within. It will be based on self-love and natural self-care, not on ‘painting it on or covering it up’ with toxic ingredients. We will come to understand that every woman wants to feel healthy and radiant and positively empowered, not ‘pretty’ or ‘glamorous.’ I also believe that cannabis guides us in this new, healthy direction.”- Raea Campbell, Bōsm Founder

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