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The DOPE Life of B-Free: Where Blading & Bud Come Together



Brian Freeman B-Free Rollerblader

Brian Freeman, aka “B-Free”

Brian Freeman, also known as B-Free, is a man of many talents. He’s a Barbary Coast budtender, creator of the Bombshell pre-roll and an extreme rollerblader. We met up at Town Park in Oakland, California to spark some joints and do some blading together.

B-Free is dressed head to toe in black: black cap, black hoodie, black jeans. He’s not flashy, though he is repping Intuition Skate Shop on his sweatshirt and Barbary Coast on his blades. His demeanor is humble, and a light smile sits on his face while we talk. It isn’t until he demonstrates some of his skills that he really begins to light up. His smile grows the widest when he’s mid-air.

His body moves in the fluid motion of someone who has been on skates their whole life. But his skill isn’t innate—it’s learned. “I had moved into this new house with my parents, and a neighbor across the street, he rollerbladed,” B-Free tells us. “I was already cool with the skaters at school—rollerbladers at school, everybody—and one of the kids, he started a team, so I asked him if I could try his skates out and that was pretty much it. I was hooked on it as soon as I tried them.” This was when B-Free was fifteen; he’s been skating ever since.

Brian Freeman B-Free Rollerblader


Even at such a young age, B-Free was dedicated and passionate about his craft. He skated for different shops and brands, his first being Connections Skate Shop, and eventually found himself in Mexico with Valo Skates. The culture around blading inspired him. “To see how many people there were on blades was ridiculous,” he remembers. “There was no stereotypes about like, ‘Oh, I blade,’ or ‘I do that’—you were shredding. You were just doing something that you love doing.”

So how does cannabis play into all this? “I was blessed to have an opportunity to start something like [Bombshell],” B-Free explains. “I’ve been in the [cannabis] industry for about six years, since 2011, when I moved out here to the Bay Area.” You can find him budtending and spreading knowledge at Barbary Coast in San Francisco, and his passion is evident when he speaks about his career in cannabis. “It’s cool to try to get a different kind of demographic, to bring something to the table, and [I] definitely feel blessed to try to do that. Bombshell is exclusively sold [at Barbary Coast], you can only get them there.”

Bombshell, B-Free’s pre-roll company, was started at Barbary Coast in October of 2016. Available in sativa, indica and hybrid varieties, each roll is made with love, care and the best medicine around. They’re B-Free’s way of bringing extreme sports and cannabis together—a way of breaking the “lazy stoner” cliché. “I try to keep that word out of my vocabulary,” he says. “That’s one of them. No laziness, no excuses. No complaining. There’s so many things you could be doing with your time, and it’s nice to manage that. It’s a positive step away from that negative stigma.”

Brian Freeman B-Free Rollerblader


Our time with B-Free was coming to a close, and we wondered what the DOPE life meant to extreme athletes. “DOPE life, to me, would just be a life that you think that’s worth living—and that could be anything,” he responds with a broad smile. “The ultimate thing I can quote from would be Curren$y, he’s a rapper from New Orleans. He said, ‘[Soon as] I open up my eyes, I’m at my fucking job.’ I feel that is the ultimate thing. Def shout out to DOPE life out there, and jet life, the kush smokers out there, everybody just being a positive influence—and keep spreading that as long as you can.” When your job is to fly high, why wouldn’t you want to wake up there?

B-Free’s skate crews are LST and JSF. He skates for Valo Brand, Bladergang Worldwide and Vibralux Denim USA, and every Wednesday he holds skate seshes at Town Park skate park in Oakland. He encourages anyone and everyone to come and blade with him to help keep the community growing. “It’s hard to come up, but at the end of the day it should all be love, all the same, but different elements, different flavors. You know? You got your indicas, you got your hybrids, you got your sativas. The variety is super important, and these people, they think that this is super important—‘cause this is a platform to showcase that.”

Brian Freeman B-Free Rollerblader


Special thanks to the Freeman family for their help in making this story possible



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