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Brandywine: An Earthy, Fantastically Pleasurable Experience



Brandywine by Viola Extracts

Brandywine Concentrate by Viola Extracts

This month I got lucky and received a Brandywine concentrate from Viola Extracts, former NBA star Al Harrington’s cannabis brand which he named after his grandmother, Viola. This fresh frozen hybrid live resin gave me the shivers — in a good way.

I opened the glass jar and closed my eyes to fully appreciate the aroma; I was transported into the midst of happily growing cannabis plants, surrounded by grapevines heavy with summer fruit. The combination was an earthy, sexy scent that overwhelmed my senses. I opened my eyes to examine the contents of the jar and was met with syrupy, amber goodness, and I felt my stress and anxiety melt away after one small dab. I was fantastically satisfied. I feel like I’m describing an intimate encounter … I guess it was that good! Or maybe I just need a boyfriend?

Brandywine by Viola Extracts


Available At…

  1. Cannabliss & Co. – Firestation 23: 1917 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97214
  2. Kaleafa Cannabis Company – Portland: 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97206‌
  3. Attis Trading Company: 2606 SE Gladstone St., Portland, OR 97202


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