Breeze Botanicals: Bridging the Gap Between Herbal Medicine and Cannabis

Breeze Botanicals feels more like an Old-World apothecary than a typical dispensary. The shop entryway is lined with impressive displays of herbs and local products; a welcome sign celebrates the richness of Southern Oregon, explaining the philosophy of supporting local farmers and artisans, as well as the use of sustainable and organic practices.

Planting the Seed

Owner Brie Malarkey moved her family to Shady Cove in 2011, purchasing 40 acres with the goal of living off the land. She fell in love with the practice of using wild herbs for healing purposes, and created a line of herbal teas she began to sell at Farmers Markets. With Oregon’s passage of safe access legislation in 2014, combined with her vision of marrying the benefits of herbs and cannabis, Malarkey began crafting various herbal combinations. Breeze Botanicals was born.

Breeze Botanicals
Breeze Botanicals

Cultivating Wellness

Breeze has a mission of healing, as well as providing access and education surrounding herbs and cannabis. Using the concept of traditional Native American Herbology, each store location has an herbalist available for consultations, creating custom herbal blends tailored to individual needs. Brie’s farm is a prime example of Southern Oregon’s biodiversity, with over 40 medicinal herbs grown onsite, including cannabis.

Uncompromising Quality

The shops have strict quality and control regulations. They require terpene testing on all flower, helping customers understand the benefits of dominant terpenes, in addition to the interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids. The employees derive immense gratification helping their customers, and patrons enthusiastically report on the profound benefits derived from combining cannabis and other herbs. “All generations love this concept,” Brie tells us, “because it makes them feel something they’ve always known: plants from the earth are better [medicine].”

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