Bubblegum Live Resin: Flavor from Heaven


  • Test Results: 80.48% THC
  • Tested by: ChemHistory | chemhistory.com

Bubblegum Live Resin by Mana Extracts

Mana Extracts has been delivering several new, extremely tasty live resins that won’t break the bank! When you crack open the jar of this Bubblegum, you’re greeted with tiny crystals swimming in a rich, terpy sauce; it’s almost clear, with a slight golden hue. A strong earthy smell gives way to a subtle sweetness that excites the palate. I also get orangey pine smells at the end of the note; a few dabs confirmed an earthy flavor with a hint of spice. The perfect balance of pine and citrus.

After a few dabs, I quickly discovered this Bubblegum likes playing around in the body, settling down into my muscles, aiding in complete relaxation. If you are on the hunt for an amazing flavor experience but can’t afford the more expensive stuff, look no further than Mana Extracts and this superb Bubblegum Live Resin!

Bubblegum Live Resin by Mana Extracts

Available At…

  1. Electric Lettuce – Beaverton: 6950 SW 105th Ave., Beaverton, OR 97008
  2. Five Zero Trees – Oregon City: 719 Main St., Oregon City, OR 97045
  3. Foster Buds – SE Foster: 5522 SE Foster Rd., Portland, OR 97206

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