Bud And Breakfast: North Fork 53

It’s not a long drive from Portland—you shoot out U.S. 26, then take a sharp left onto the original coastal highway, Highway 53, which switches back and forth and back again (queasy riders should invest in some Dramamine.) Yet upon arrival, you may as well be a million miles from the noise, bustle and energy of the city. Perched on the edge of the Nehalem River, in a setting that defines “idyllic,” sits North Fork 53. This Coastal Cannabis lodging experience is a refined Bed and Breakfast, setting the standard for what a curated cannabis and food experience can truly be.

At North Fork 53, four acres surround a 1930’s farmhouse and barn, serving as an organic farm which supplies both the bed and breakfast in the 4-bedroom house and the property’s farm store. The beautiful home has been lovingly restored with an attention to detail evident at every turn. Each room provides you views of the river or farm, and instantly makes you rethink design choices for your own bedroom at home. Open a window, and the only sounds you hear are the river and wind through the trees.

You can get a closer view of the river from the house’s wraparound deck, which serves as a perfect spot to fire up a joint. And unlike a Super 8 motel, the management won’t be complaining that you are doing so. In fact, the management are the folks who hooked you up upon arrival.

Bud And Breakfast: North Fork 53

Guests may select an optional Coastal Cannabis package, which consists of a rotating collection of two different strains from local cannabis farmers. The strains are presented to you on a handcrafted wooden platter, accompanied by a PAX 2 vaporizer, Santa Cruz Grinder, rolling papers and a small glass jar to collect your vaped bud.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it’s time for dinner. But dinner is an understatement, because what you are about to experience is an unparalleled pairing of cannabis and food, the vegetables and herbs grown mere feet from where you sit. A three course menu has been curated by the property’s chef, who has smelled and tasted the two strains to determine the dominant terpenes, and worked to match them with the seasonal produce available. Each course is presented looking like a Gourmet Magazine photo shoot come to life. Diners are encouraged to puff the strain that has been matched to the course, enhanced and balanced by the array of flavors of the food. A first course of mixed greens, arugula flowers, golden raisins, orange, sweet and sour radish, coriander vinaigrette, citrus herb goat cheese and toasted walnut breadcrumbs was consumed while vaping some Gnome Grown’s Tangie Banana, a perfectly matched taste explosion of tropical fruits and citrus. The main course of parsley ricotta gnocchi; parmesan mushroom reduction; chive oil; charred baby beets, turnips and baby carrots; shaved parmesan; thyme flowers and chive blossom was a flawless executed, but made transcendent when consumed (fine, rapidly gobbled) with Black Betty, a strain rich in terpenes with profiles including woody, pungent and berry-like.

The property is 15 minutes from Manzanita, affording guests the opportunity to spend a day at the beach before returning for a second evening, because no matter what you had planned back home, it pales in comparison to another evening in bucolic beauty. North Fork 53 is a poster child for why we call Oregon “The Pacific Wonderland,” and shows how multi-dimensional a cannabis experience can be.


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