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Burk Brothers Cannabis Company



Burk Brothers Cannabis Company

Burk Brothers Cannabis Company – Portland, OR

Brothers Dan and Bobby Burk evidence their seemingly unending stamina and determination through their dedication to the cannabis industry. Once a bartender and contractor, respectively, the Burk brothers are now cannabis growers so invested in their plants that they both continue to be involved in everything from the initial farm build-out to performing the planting, daily care and eventual trimming of their flower. Not knowing what the future holds is a huge motivator to continue bridging the gap between company and consumer for these true lovers of the plant.

The Farm

Burk Brothers Cannabis Company, the 6,000-square-foot, all-indoor grow in northeast Portland, is a notably small farm, and therefore a true representation of the small-batch craft cannabis experience. A specialized crew works alongside the Burk brothers six days a week to coax and cajole 32 different strains, including Sundae Driver, Orange Apricot MAC, Unicorn Horn and Buckeye Purple, to name a few. Being a fan of unicorns in general, and these brothers especially — these brothers are decidedly easy on the eyes … Did I write that out loud? — I will be making a special trip to their partner retailer, Cannabliss & Co., for my own consideration and with the hope I might run into them again.Burk Brothers Cannabis Company

The Product

In the words of Bobby Burk himself, “Our product has been forged in the fires of adversity, not bought with big dollars and corporate ideals.” This ideal shines through in the purity and quality of the flower Burk Brothers Cannabis Company produces, which can be found exclusively at Cannabliss & Co. dispensaries, and a partnership with North Best Concentrates will result in a rosin release this spring. Lucky fans of Burk Brothers rejoice! If you enjoy knowing that the flower you’re smoking is tended to by hand, not computers, the Burk Brothers are your go-to for high-quality cannabis.Burk Brothers Cannabis Company

“Our product has been forged in the fires of adversity, not bought with big dollars and corporate ideals.” – Bobby Burk, Burk Brothers Cannabis Company co-owner


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