Buisness Highlight: Happy Cat Concentrates

Happy Cat concentrates are CO2 extracted to be clean and potent and are always crafted with the customer in mind. Happy Cat PR/Sales guru Jerry and owner Dan were excited to tell me how their concentrates differ from others.

DOPE Magazine: Jerry, can you tell me what Happy Cat is all about?

Jerry: “We produce the highest quality concentrate products for our customers. Our final products are pure, clean, potent, tasty, and enjoyable. We specialize in high-quality CO2 oils; which fewer processors are interested in pursuing due to costs involved.”

DM: What do you do differently?

Jerry: “We have been improving our process for years, growing and perfecting with every batch. We try to produce the closest representation of the cannabis we are extracting. We want the full spectrum of cannabinoids and natural terpenes available. Our process leaves no residual solvents of any kind, producing a safer oil for consumption. The pressures and temperatures used in our process also kill potential hazards that could be in crops, such as powdery mildew and molds that no one wants in their smoke.”

DM: How do you select your strains for the Happy Cat concentrate menu?

Jerry: “We have personal access to close to 30 different strains, along with our own multi-award-winning in-house genetics. We also partner with some of the state’s best producers to ensure we are able to have many old favorites and fresh flavors regularly. We have a revolving stock and typically rotate through about three flavors a week, sometimes more.”

DM: What is important for consumers to be aware of when purchasing concentrates?

Jerry: “The most important factor by far when selecting cannabis to extract or consume is knowing how it was grown. Not just for identifying potency, but for adulterants and especially pesticides, which can be highly concentrated into the oils. The most important thing I can stress to concentrate consumers is to be aware of what you are enjoying. There is a lot more to it than just THC bang for your buck, remember it is the combined effects of all the parts in cannabis that will give you the effects you are after.”

DM: Where does Happy Cat truly excel?

Jerry: “Our techniques have been crafted with our customers’ health always in mind, from our top quality oils to our unique, easy-to-use dabbing applicators. You have to try them to believe how convenient they are for dabbing! I would say we truly excel at CBD extractions. With an ever increasing demand for these specialized products, ours are truly exceptional. We even processed last year’s DOPE Cup high-CBD winner with 78 percent CBD!”

Dan: “Ours is a family-style business, continually growing to make some of the the best oil we can in the Pacific Northwest, where people seem to really appreciate when care is taken to achieve high quality.”

DM: Does Happy Cat play a role in the local community?

Jerry: “We believe in health and happiness for all, that means giving back where we can and we take that to heart. We ran a compassion program and donated hundreds of grams of oil to patients in dire need. Moving into the recreational market, we are continuing our advocacy efforts through organizations such as the Association for Medical Cannabis Reform, a state level association that helps fight for patient rights in a changing cannabis environment; and Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards, a national organization helping to establish cannabis standards and ethics.”

Dan: “I am also involved with the local chamber of commerce meetings in Raymond, WA and our Happy Cat branding team is developing an individual logo promoting Willapa Valley cannabis professionals; in a style similar to Napa Valley wines, to distinguish those products on shelves statewide. We are also starting programs supporting animal welfare and community outreach.”

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