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Cali Chem: Chem Dog Taught Some New Tricks



Cali Chem by IC Collective

Cali Chem by IC Collective

Cali Chem is an exclusive strain from IC Collective, a California cultivator that riffs on one of the most magical and iconic strains ever created: Chem Dog. This 27-year-old strain is steeped in lore, touted as the parent of Sour Diesel and known for its association with The Grateful Dead. A cross between Cookies N Chem and Chem 91, samples of Cali Chem have tested as high as 29 percent THC.

Cali Chem’s decadent aroma evokes skunky cheese and a sweet dessert, with a side of diesel and earth all at once. Its buds — somehow both fluffy and sticky icky — sparkle, loaded with trichomes. A pleasing inhale and mellow, creamy exhale led me to a happy, playful high that elicited both a chatty and social response. Therapeutically, Cali Chem provides a strong body high that melts away physical pain: a beautiful mix of mind and body relief, with a touch of fun.

Cali Chem by IC Collective

Cali Chem by IC Collective

Available At…

  1. Harborside Health Center: 1840 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606
  2. Elemental Wellness Center: 985 Timothy Dr., San Jose, CA 95133
  3. Northstar Holistic Collective: 1236 C St, Sacramento, CA 95814


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