Camp Bud And Breakfast: A Cannabis Themed Adult Sleepover Camp

Modern log cabins. Horseback riding. Hiking trails. Baby goats. ATV’s. 400 acres of mountainous beauty—wait, are we actually talking about a sleep-away camp for children? Nope! That’s because activities like high yoga, cannabis cooking classes, 420 happy hour and dispensary field trips are included with your stay at Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch. Since the first of July this year, Bud+Breakfast has been busy creating every stoner’s dream: a cannabis themed “sleepover” camp for adults!

Bud+Breakfast was created by Joel Schneider, a former lawyer from Long Island, who was eager to create a legal, safe place for tourists to consume cannabis. His wife, Lisa, has a passion for entertaining and cooking and Joel has a strong passion for ganja, so they married the two and established their own legal, cannabis-friendly hotel in 2014. Their first location, The Adagio, is located in one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods, Capitol Hill. This beautiful Victorian home has six unique suites for guests to choose from, each with their own character. Since then, the ambitious couple has opened three more locations including their newest addition: Camp Bud+Breakfast located in Grand County, Colorado, right next to the Arapahoe National Forest. Their other two properties are strategically placed in Silverthorne and Colorado Springs.

The inspiration behind the Schneiders’ newest property comes from a long tradition of Joel and his children attending sleep-away camp while growing up, and enjoying every second of it. As adults, we don’t usually get the option to disconnect from technology and enjoy the outdoors with a wonderful community in a rustically luxurious way. The owners are simply striving to provide a multi-faceted retreat fueled by outdoor recreation and a love for cannabis—a way for adults to truly immerse themselves in everything Colorado has to offer.

A “sleepover camp” where you can consume all the ganja you’d like…now, what would a typical day at Camp Bud+Breakfast look like? Wake up in a log cabin, soak in beautiful views of the Williams Fork River and take a morning walk through one of the countless nature trails surrounding the ranch. If you’re coming from the airport, Bud+Breakfast will arrange for High End Transport to pick you up. Not only is a ride to the ranch included with your stay, but the driver will take you to the dispensary and let you smoke in the car on the way—legally.

Hit the Wake and Bake Breakfast for an impressive spread of food and a proper start to your day with a community smoke session. Take a high yoga class or opt for a cannabis cooking class. Take a hike through the conveniently accessible trails and find a deeper connection with nature. If you’re lucky, you might see a moose or bald eagle!

Wind down with a CBD oil-infused massage or enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot tub with a view. Visit the cannabis concierge to learn some joint rolling skills, how to take a dab or how to safely consume edibles. Meet your neighbors and other cannabis enthusiasts at the 420 happy hour, complete with hors d’oeuvres, adult beverages, a Paraphernalia Bar and another community smoke session. Before dinner, take a ride on an ATV, or go for something low-key and try horseback riding. Or, just pet the adorable baby goats and enjoy a gorgeous, colorful sunset. Enjoy another fabulous, community-style meal for dinner, and revel in the serene mountain oasis that is Aspen Canyon Ranch. If you’re up to it, give yourself a moment to appreciate the beautiful starlit sky adorned with constellations before you lay down for a well-deserved, restful sleep.

Aspen Canyon Ranch is home to a multitude of ranch cabins, each unit featuring its own private entrance, bathroom, refrigerator, gas fireplace, premium linens and riverfront deck. There are also two full-sized houses on the property, including private hot tubs! All classes, activities and meals are included in the room rental prices, making your experience streamlined and efficient. A ranch cabin sleeping 2–4 people costs $399 per night. The houses cost either $799 a night or $999 a night, for the bigger, more luxurious option. These houses can sleep up to 11 guests, with possible charges for additional guests. With every room booked, the property can accommodate up to 40 people; group rates are available upon request.

Due to the recreational nature of Bud+Breakfast, guests must be 21+ to enjoy a stay at any of the four properties. Camp Bud+Breakfast can be booked through September 30, but don’t worry if you can’t make it by then! The Silverthorne location is just 30 minutes away, with six ski resorts close by, it’s the ideal winter getaway. For more information, visit

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