This Candy is so Dandy: Truly an Impressive Strain

Strain name: Empress Candy

Provided by: Golden Empress Gardens

Feeling a sense of unadulterated glee while unwrapping Empress Candy, I was surely reminiscent of Charlie when he first opens a potential golden-ticket-winning chocolate bar from the famed factory. Rushing to open the container with an overwhelming sense of anticipation, the jar did not disappoint.

Frosty diesel mixed with a bouquet of flowers penetrated deep into my nostrils, briefly transporting me to Amsterdam. I couldn’t get it into my pipe fast enough—the Empress’ flavors danced on my tongue. Earthy and pungent White Widow with a blast of floral Afgoo swirled on my tongue like an everlasting gobstopper. EC is extremely uplifting and cerebral, inspiring to create, write and venture off for sunny walks.

At the end of the day, Empress strikes again with a winner. EC puts a bounce in your step. Run to your favorite collective Charlie, run as fast as you can…you’re going to love this candy.


Delicious flavors that dance on the tongue

Potently uplifting; producing energy and creativity



Empress Candy by Golden Empress Gardens

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