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Canna-Fiction: The Gloops and the Special Plant



Canna-Fiction: The Gloops and the Special Plant 4

With cannabis quickly reaching legal status in several states, the subject of cannabis and children often comes up. The stigmatism of the evil plant is still quite prevalent in society. So how do parents start a conversation with their children to prepare them for what might happen at school if their friends find out that their parents smoke the reefer? I am a parent and have many friends who are parents as well. We all at one time or another have had many conversations about this very subject. It always seems to be the children who end up getting hurt or ridiculed because their parents are deemed “dirty hippies.” I have one particular set of friends who have never allowed their children, until very recently, to have sleepovers or playdates for fear of accusations of “unfit parenting” or other unimaginable repercussions.

It’s very unsettling to hear that families across the United States are fleeing prosecution due to their chosen method of healthcare. Daily reports of government agencies showing up at private residences and proceeding to make examples of otherwise law abiding citizens have many families panicked and fearful.

Reading The Gloops and the Special Plant together

I feel education begins in the home and needs to start at a young age so the mystery and forbidden temptation surrounding cannabis is replaced with knowledge, compassion and understanding. There are numerous benefits that come with the use of cannabis and it’s time to start recognizing its place as a viable option in lieu of pharmaceuticals.

Author J.R. Fox published her first children’s book with this very goal in mind titled The Gloops and the Special Plant. From the back cover, “Where the Gloops live, there grows a very special plant. This plant has not always been understood. In fact, once upon a time, the Old Kings wanted the plant gone forever. Inside this little book is a BIG story about Molly, her family, and all of the Gloops who stood up for what they believed in, and won! The world of the Gloops is not so very different from ours…So, maybe by learning about them, we can learn about us too!”

In the opening of the book we are greeted my Molly Gloop, a gleeful little girl that lives in a world very much like ours. We get to peek inside her big world through fun and thoughtful illustrations as we are introduced to her parents, pet Blooples and the Gloops’ plant nursery. The plant, as it’s described, is as ancient as the first family of Gloops. Molly takes great joy in discovering the benefits of the magical plant. The book draws sharp parallels to our beloved cannabis plant all while allowing your child to explore Molly’s world within the pages of a children’s book—covering the accepted, industrial and medicinal uses as well. And of course the special times that mommy and daddy Gloop eat the plant are to be reminders that every once in a while its ok to be silly. Molly knows that children are so good at being silly already!

Later in the story, Molly takes a small trip into the Gloops’ past, to the dark days when the Old Kings did not like the special plant that gave the Gloops so much joy and healing. Spreading lies and misinformation about the special plant, the Old Kings declared that users of the plant are ugly, lazy and bad. The author, J.R. Fox, makes an important point here, stating that a plant can’t determine your personality. Only you can do that.

The Gloops and the Special Plant written and illustrated by J.R. Fox

In the end, after many years of the Old Kings fighting, the people’s cries were heard and the Special Plant Lived on. And once again the people are blessed with medicine for sick Gloops, toys for Blooples, dresses for Molly and of course the gentle reminder that grown-ups should be silly once in a while.

The best message in this book is the last one. Even though the special plant is accepted, there are some people that believe the Old Kings. If someone says, “You must be lazy!” or, “You must be bad!” Molly simply says, “We are good Gloops, and we love each other. Someday, you will know it too.”


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