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Canna Organix: Love and Care Is in the Air



Canna Organix - Sequim, WA

Canna Organix – Sequim, WA

The founders of Canna Organix are meticulous. And as part of their detail-oriented growing system, the team waters, trims and picks their crops by hand year-round. “In order to get the maximum potential for our plants, we make sure every plant gets personal attention,” says co-founder Wendy Bentley. The idea is to remove automation and mechanical processes and instead have human beings provide and care for the plants. It’s a “good energy in, good energy out” philosophy.

Canna Organix - Sequim, WA

The Place

Founded in 2013 in Sequim, Washington, Canna Organix sits in in a unique location: Mountain peaks dot the skyline behind the farm, creating an ideal growing environment. The farm enjoys around 300 days of sunshine each year and is free from the signature rainstorms prevalent in other areas in the Evergreen State. Canna Organix grows their products in greenhouses year-round because of the wealth of sunshine, which increases terpene levels and reduces the amount of electricity the farm would otherwise consume. Because it rarely, if ever, drops below freezing or rises above 80 degrees in the area, Canna Organix is free to produce flower naturally throughout the calendar year.

Canna Organix - Sequim, WA

The Products

Canna Organix works ardently on staying ahead of the curve. The founders say they don’t follow trends — rather, they want to be a “market-maker.” “We want to stay on the cutting edge,” remarks co-founder Tim Humiston. And to do so, the folks behind the farm are constantly testing out and inventing new strains, combinations and flavors.

Popular products, says Humiston, include the farm’s Do-Si-Dos, a 2018 DOPE Cup winner for best sun-grown, indica-dominant flower, as well as their Gelato, which had a runner-up win for best sun-grown hybrid flower. And these days, the Canna Organix farm finds itself experimenting with fruit flavor infusions. “We seem to have a lot of exclusive strains,” notes Bentley, who says, first and foremost, the farm grows their plants with sustainability in mind.

Canna Organix - Sequim, WA

“In order to get the maximum potential for our plants, we make sure every plant gets personal attention.” – Wendy Bentley, Canna Organix co-founder


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