Cannabal City: The Art of Cultivation

The Place 

The Downtown Arts District is the home of an abundant stream of creative energy, from a culinary scene to music that seems to fill the air of the culture-enriched streets. Cannabal City Collective is the Cannabis Capital of not only the Arts District, but Los Angeles as a whole—the perfect embodiment of “business in the front, party in the back.” Beautiful storefronts are hosted by knowledgeable budtenders who take care of their loyal patient following, and the flower comes from just a couple of doors down, via their on-property grow rooms. With plans to expand their operation even further, the Cannabals of Downtown L.A. are setting the gold standard of California collectives.

The Product 

3C Farms, home to Cannabal City Collective and Coast to Coast Collective, cultivates the best selection of craft cannabis out there. Their boutique selection is the product of master growers that consistently strive to create the best flower their patients could find. The 3C vision doesn’t just stop at flower, however. Cannabal City now offers their exclusive line of strain-specific cartridges under the name Level 33. This shop carries everything you may want or need when it comes to cannabis, and their seamless purchasing process even accepts major debit and credit cards. Fun fact: Cannabal City Collective was the first shop in California to carry DOPE Magazine’s vape pen, the Dopen.

The Difference

The family environment, mixed with a visionary approach to creating a unique experience, sets Cannabal City apart from other Los Angeles shops. Store manager Waylon Broussard has created a setting that brings the vibrancy of the Arts District to the cannabis community. From the industrial warehouse exterior to the cozy and welcoming interior, this property is truly special and entirely unique. The hospitality and wealth of knowledge carried out by the Cannabal crew is another key aspect of what makes visiting this shop different than visiting any other shop in L.A. Make sure you follow this group—the best is yet to come.

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