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Different Forms Of Cannabis



Different Forms of Cannabis

What are the different forms of cannabis?

As the legal cannabis industry expands, more and more cannabis products are emerging on the market and atop dispensary shelves. The most common forms of cannabis are concentrates, edibles and flower.


Concentrates are procured during an extraction process where cannabis plants’ most medically beneficial compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes, are separated from unnecessary plant matter. This results in a concentrate that is packed full of cannabinoids, and much more potent than flower.

Cannabis concentrates are categorized as either solvent or non-solvent based, and refers to the extraction process. Some of the most popular solvent concentrates use butane, CO2, alcohol and ethanol to produce shatter, wax, hash oil, tinctures and more.

Non-solvent concentrates are extracted naturally. Some of these practices have been around for centuries. Non-solvent concentrates include ice water hash and kief.


Once a female cannabis plant has matured, growers trim the flowers to produce what we refer to as buds or nugs. These buds are coated with a crystal-like resin called trichomes and are rich with THC and CBD. There are two strains of flower – sativa and indica – and hybrids, which are a combination of the two strains.


Edibles are any foods infused with cannabis using fats such as butter or olive oil.


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