Cannabis Advocate Running For House Of Representatives

Cannabis Advocate Running For House Of Representatives

Tomorrow marks the day for primary elections for state offices in Washington. Today, DOPE Magazine caught up with Stephanie Viskovich—candidate for a seat in the House of Represenatives, specifically Postion 1 in the 46th Legislative District.

Viskovich has been acquainting herself with public service in recent years through her work as a citizen lobbyist, where she was turned away by legislators in Olympia for being affiliated with a ‘young PAC.’ As she said, “I was told to come back when I had enough money to have a conversation.”

Viskovich has a background in healthcare, where her focus over the past five years has been on advocacy in the medical cannabis community and de-scheduling cannabis. “Fortunately, through my advocacy over the past several years I have become very familiar with the legislative process. I feel a need to use that skill set, and act as a true bridge between the constituents of the community I represent to ensure their voices never get turned away for any financial reasoning,” she shared.

As the political climate heats up toward the November elections, Viskovich is continuing to seek volunteers for her campaign. As she concluded, “This year I hope people don’t feel as though they have to pick a candidate based on the lesser of two evils, rather a person who speaks as their own voice, hoping to achieve justice, equality, freedom and harmony moving forward.“

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