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Boas, Blunts & Bloodshed: Cannabis Community Comes Together to Support ALS



Boas, Blunts, & Bloodshed Support ALS

Supporting ALS

It was a cold and windy October night as guests rolled up the dimly lit drive to the first ever Boas, Blunts, and Bloodshed put on by Murder Mystery Co. Flapper girls and old-timey gangsters gathered outside this ‘20s-themed elevated dinner experience. The savvy Irie Weddings and Events were throwing one of the first ever cannabis-friendly murder mystery dinners and everyone was intrigued.

Attendees were in for a treat as the night kicked off with a cocktail hour and interactions with the cast of characters. Top Shelf Budtending was behind the bar crafting bright red “Murder on the Beach” beverages—a deliciously tangy blood orange concoction infused with Stillwater brands low-dose Ripple edibles.

Boas, Blunts, & Bloodshed Support ALS

As symphonic jazz echoed through the air, actors in smoking jackets and detective dusters made their way around to tables telling tales in perfect accents. Imaginations came alive as guests got cozy in their seats.

Katie and Gary Wyman, a young couple whose lives have been dramatically affected by ALS were the star duo of the event. They looked amazing in their roaring twenties’ costumes and held hands throughout the night. Gary’s quickly progressing diagnosis of ALS last year has been a struggle, but the young couple seems to have only grown closer through this daunting experience. They rely on support from organizations like the ALS Associaton. Irie Weddings & Events graciously donated a portion of night’s proceeds to the Wyman’s and the ALS Association. The Green Solution, another sponsor of the night, has shown a lot of love to the Wymans and is actually helping the young couple renew their vows next year.

The foggy night air resonated with cackles of laughter as slices of toast burned in the night and the bloodthirsty plot thickened. Attendees got into this murderous tale of whodunnit as the details took twists and turns. There were plenty of clues and cues to keep everyone guessing about the night’s culprit. The evening was split up with “investigation time” where guests were invited to interrogate the characters and had some space to partake in the goodie bags included for the evening. Plenty of boas, blazing, and a little bloodshed brought everyone together for a delightfully creepy evening and an enchanting encounter with the heights of classy cannabis entertainment.

Boas, Blunts, & Bloodshed Support ALS


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