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Hump Day High: How Cannabis Can Free Us to Experience Pleasure



cannabis pleasure

Would you ride a vibrating pleasure machine in public? Fully clothed, of course. Consent matters! I posed that question to a group of women this past weekend at Ganja Goddess Getaway in SoCal. The results were overwhelmingly positive, although it clearly illustrated the struggle that even the most open-minded folks can be self-conscious when it comes to publicly experiencing any pleasure that could be remotely coded as sexual.

As usual, I arrived with my red leather Sybian machine, and the external-only attachment. The internal attachments stayed at home — it’s not thatkind of retreat. It stayed in my room for most of the weekend, but Sunday morning I was scheduled to work a shift at the dab bar. It’s something I do every retreat, because I love the chance to catch up with the attendees one-on-one as I’m guiding them to have positive dab experiences. Making eye contact, asking them what they’d like and how their tolerance is, talking through the process if they’re new to dabbing, and methodically cleaning the e-nail and wiping the mouthpiece with alcohol wipes when they’re finished. Also, encouraging them to get a bottle of water and to do something nice for themselves in their post-dab state. I decided to up my game a bit this time.

I set up my Sybian next to the dab bar so that I could dab folks and offer instruction for riding the Sybian at the same time. It’s a relatively straightforward process once you know what to do, but it does help to have someone instruct you the first time. As the sleepy campers emerged from their tents and made their way to the dab bar, a small crowd gathered around the small red machine. I rested it on a cushion to make it easier on the knees, as it’s a device that is easiest to ride when straddled with one’s knees and shins pressed to the floor.

cannabis pleasure

One woman tentatively approached me. “How does it work?” she inquired. I asked if she wanted to take a dab first. She said yes, so I dosed out a rice grain-sized scoop of OG Kush live resin sugar from Bliss Extracts. She exhaled and said, “I needed that.” I grinned and stepped over to the machine with her. I explained how to get on it, then handed her the controls, pointing, “This button is for vibration. The other is for rotation, but don’t worry about that one because there’s no internal part on this attachment. The dial above the vibration button twists around, and you can set it to any speed that feels comfortable. If it gets to be too much at any point, just lift up off the machine. You don’t have to stay on one second longer than you want to.” She looked uncertainly at the dials, then twisted a few centimeters. Her eyebrows shot up. “Wow!” she exclaimed. She twisted a bit more, and her face broke into a big smile, her eyes sparkling. She was still only halfway through the speeds, so she experimentally twisted it the whole way to max power. Her jaw fell open, and she quickly turned the speed back down. “Wow,” she breathed, as she dismounted. “I’m next!” chirped one of the other attendees.

I’ve seen this over and over at events. Some brave soul breaks the ice, and it seems to give permission to onlookers to also give it a try. Even among the ones watching and seeing their friends have a fabulous time, some are still skeptical. “I couldn’t do that in public! What if I had an orgasm!” I fully honor everyone where they are when it comes to pleasure. If it feels yucky to contemplate, then definitely don’t do it. But for those who are curious but a bit shy, I’ll say this. One woman came up to me after riding the machine and whispered in my ear, “I know some people are self-conscious about riding that thing in public, but I thought it was really hot having everyone watching! And the dab made such a difference!” I assured her that is totally normal to enjoy, and now she’s just discovered that she has some exhibitionist tendencies! It was fun to demonstrate in a group setting how multifaceted pleasure and cannabis can be.

So many folks just think of getting high and having partnered intercourse, but what if there were more possibilities? What if you could do a dab and ride a Sybian machine in front of your friends while they cheer you on? What if you do an edible at a retreat and then get a massage a few hours later, moaning audibly in relief as your body is cared for? There are so many ways to experience pleasure and cannabis, and not all of them are explicitly sexual. Think outside the box and celebrate sensation!




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