The New Daily Grind: Cannabis-Infused K-Cups from Colorado Cannabis Company


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Cannabis-Infused Keurig K-Cups by Colorado Cannabis Company

After finding success with several of their diverse medical and recreational products, Colorado Cannabis Company has developed a new THC and CBD-infused Keurig K-Cup line, designed to incorporate the daily ritual of drinking coffee into the realm of using cannabis both discretely and effectively. Colorado Cannabis Company uses locally roasted coffee that has been responsibly sourced and grown organically.

Cannabis Coffee THC Keurig K-Cups

“As someone who typically favors CBD products for joint pain and doesn’t hold their ‘high’ well in public, I’ve never been a big fan of THC,” admits Abigail Larkin, a Denver resident who tried the Pain Management cup for the first time. “However, I did find the 2mg dose to be the perfect amount of THC to increase my demeanor while simultaneously lessening the burden my joints place on my daily activities. I was focused and awake, without the jitters that I’ve experienced with coffee before.”


  • Pain Management: Caffeinated | 20mg CBD | 2mg THC
  • Nighttime: Decaf | 10mg THC
  • Original: Caffeinated | 10mg THC


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