Cannabis Quencher: Infused Drinks That Don’t Sacrifice Taste

Cannabis Quencher Infused Beverages by The Venice Cookie Co.

The Venice Cookie Co. is quickly becoming a household name in the legalized cannabis landscape with offerings including hard candies, chocolate bars and, of course, their wildly popular cookies. But what sets the brand apart from other cannabis purveyors are their delicious beverages, including the low-sugar, high-impact Cannabis Quencher. Each 16 oz. bottle comes demarcated by a “see-through milligram indicator” to easily provide customers with the recommended 10mg dose. What’s more, the bottlecap doubles as a 2mg measuring spoon.

I was lucky enough to try both their mango and hibiscus varieties — not back-to-back, mind you — and both exceeded my expectations. For full disclosure, my past experiences with cannabis drinks have been characterized by an unfortunate trade-off between potency and flavor. I was pleasantly surprised to find Cannabis Quencher both delicious and effective!

Available At…

  1. Urbn Leaf: 1028 Buenos Ave., San Diego, CA92110
  2. Captain Jack’s: 100 W Hospitality Ln #2, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  3. All MedMen Locations