Hump Day High: Cannabis, Sex and Sore Muscles

On Sunday I went horseback riding for the first time in six years. Thanks to my twice weekly sex schedule, my body is in the best shape it has ever been, but I am still still woefully out of shape for horseback riding. There is a beautiful agony the day(s) after riding when you become painfully aware of a series of muscles in your core, glutes and thighs that you didn’t realize existed. I am SORE. I also had a date scheduled with my boyfriend, B, on Monday. Knowing that my muscles were going to be stiff and tender, I decided to use cannabis to help address the pain so that I would be able to be present and enjoy my date. In other words, I was not about to let sore muscles stop me from getting laid.

Sunday night, I smoked a high CBD strain, Harlequin, and drew a hot bath, adding a 3:1 bath soak from Square Grouper so that I could help keep my muscles from getting too stiff. After the bath I toweled off, applied two different cannabis topicals (Humble Flower Company Pain Relief Salve and Papa & Barkley 3:1 Pain ReLeaf Balm) and massaged them into my upper legs, thighs, and pubic region. I stretched and took a quick walk around the block to get the blood moving in my legs, then curled up and fell asleep.

Cannabis, sex, and sore muscles

Monday morning, I texted B to request that he bring his magical massage machine over for our date.  A few months ago he bought a car buffer with a fluffy polishing cover that he uses to massage me, and because he’s an engineer, he hooked it up to a dimmer switch so I can modulate the intensity. I know plenty of friends who use the Magic Wand vibrator for massages. This is similar to that, except infinitely more powerful.

I did a dab of high CBD oil, put on some soothing music, lit some incense, and laid down to let him work. He started by massaging me with his hands, using Humble Flower Company’s infused massage oil. Once he’d tackled the especially tender spots with his hands, he brought out the buffer. Starting at the back of my knees he worked his way up my thighs and into my low back. He even did my shoulders for good measure. My body felt thoroughly relaxed afterward, although the intense vibration made my skin feel a little buzzy for a few minutes so he covered me with a soft blanket and rubbed me down over that to help bring me back to Earth. After all that, we had amazing sex with no pain whatsoever. I had full flexibility with zero painful distractions. I feel lucky to have an incredibly attentive, loving partner who wants to help me feel good. This whole experience is just one small example of how cannabis helps me have amazing sex, and helps me take care of my body.

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