Survival of the Lit-est: Made Right Wholesale’s Mixed Cannabis Survival Pack


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Cannabis Survival Pack by Made Right Wholesale

My friends and I have often fantasized about an item in the recreational market that carries a sampling from each category of cannabis products: an edible, a pre-roll, some flower and concentrate. Well, Made Right Wholesale answered our prayers with their Survival Pack.

I opened up the Pre-Roll first and began puffin’ away. I loved having a clean, easy-to-smoke joint while I prepared my dab rig for the Strawberry Cough BHO. Blast off! With a zesty lemon profile, this BHO was worth the entire purchase alone. Providing a solid head high, I went about my morning, cleaning, cooking and doing other household duties. About an hour in, I digested the edible, Trippin’ Tangerine Chill Pillz. They had a great taste and kicked in about 30 minutes or so after digestion. With a mellow body high, I sat and chilled for about two hours while devouring episodes of my favorite shows.

Cannabis Survival Pack by Made Right Wholesale
Cannabis Survival Pack by Made Right Wholesale

Once my body high wore off, I went to the Candy flower, the final product of the Survival Pack. I was fully engulfed in the sweet smell of lemon upon opening the package. A few bong hits later and I was back to my household chores. Without this cannabis smorgasbord, my day of cleaning would not have been as fun (or easy)! The Survival Pack is perfect for those looking for a variety of items, or for a group of friends who all prefer different forms of the plant. I know I’ll be celebrating upcoming events with one of these party platters!

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