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Cannabis Travel & Tourism



Cannabis Travel & Tourism

Cannabis tourism is hotter than ever, and businesses are popping up all over the place to fill the needs of canna-curious travelers looking for a curated experience.

You love weed, and you love travel — but combining the two can be difficult. Finding the plug in a new place isn’t always easy. Several enterprising companies have seized the opportunity to make it easy for cannabis lovers to find the perfect getaway by curating tours, retreats and outdoor adventures that take the work out of procuring your smoke, so you can focus on having fun.

Whisk Me Away with Weed

Holiday and tour packages for cannabis aficionados have popped up all over the recreational marijuana marketplace.

Cannabis tourismBased on Vancouver Island, luxury weed tourism company Butiq Escapes caters to the uber-rich. Butiq’s “Highest of Highs” day trip package takes you from Victoria by helicopter to a secret mountaintop location, where you can indulge in the best marijuana strains British Columbia has to offer while the guide fires up a gourmet barbecue to feed you and your friends. The company has plans to roll out more high-end weed escapes in the coming months.

In Toronto, Canadian Kush Tours offers several packages, including a $750 romantic night for two, which features dinner, a limo and a vapor lounge tour. Their most popular package is the airport pickup, starting at $600. “People appreciate cannabis after a long flight,” company founder Neev Tapiero says. “We meet them at the airport, smoke one in the parking lot, and then take them on a three-hour dispensary tour.” Sounds like the perfect way to kick off a bachelorette party! Kush Tours also offers two-hour classes in baking edibles and making rosin, dry-sift and bubble hash.

Cannabliss Retreats also caters to the canna-curious with experiential and educational getaways in California, Canada and Jamaica. Founder Sari Starr tells us, “Our focus has always been educating as many people about the benefits of cannabis, and creating a safe environment where people can feel free to express themselves and connect deeply with the plant and each other.” Cannabliss events include educational seminars, yoga, sound baths, wellness workshops, wholesome food and, of course, plenty of weed.

Get Baked on the Beach

Higher Way Travel is a full-service agency ready to meet all your cannabis adventure needs. Co-owners April and Bobby Black have been traveling the world together on cannabis excursions ever since they met at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam — they got engaged at the 2009 Cup, naturally.

The Blacks founded Higher Way Travel in 2016 after receiving an inquiry from a friend needing help booking a trip to the Hawaii Cannabis Expo. April is a registered travel agent, and she and Bobby seized the opportunity to start their own weed-friendly agency.

Cannabis tourismHigher Way offers an annual 420 celebration in Jamaica called “Baked on the Beach,” and a “Surf & Terps” bus tour in Hawaii. “Our primary goal is to create unique, curated travel experiences for average cannabis lovers that are weed-filled and worry-free — allowing them to enjoy their vacations to the fullest,” April tells us.

This August, Higher Way is offering its first Higher Health Retreat — a herb-infused wellness weekend taking place in Humboldt County during the Perseid meteor shower. The weekend will include yoga, hiking, massage, soaking, sauna, essential oils, an infused dinner and sacred ceremonies. Soon, the company will offer packages for Los Angeles, Hawaii and Barcelona drawing on the Blacks’ extensive industry connections. “They’ll include exclusive access to cannabis grows, clubs, and walking tours that travelers wouldn’t be able to find or book on their own,” April says. “And by next year, we plan to offer trips to Northern and Central California, Amsterdam and Costa Rica.”

What to Know Before You Go (420 Travel Tips)

If you’re planning a cannabis getaway, make sure you do a little research on where you’re going before you travel, and be mindful of the customs and laws of your destination before you arrive. One of the perks of using Higher Way is that any establishment the agency recommends — be it a cannabis club, dispensary, hotel or tour operator — is one they have a good relationship with, April says: “We know that our Higher Flyers will be treated like the VIPs they are.”

Cannabis tourism

Tips to ensure a successful trip:

  • Don’t fly with cannabis if you don’t have to. Even if you’re a legitimate medical marijuana patient traveling with your doctor’s recommendation, you never know when an overzealous TSA agent might decide to give you a hard time. And never, ever try to board an international flight with marijuana.
  • Consumption laws vary from province to province and state to state. Know your rights, and only smoke where it’s allowed — otherwise you risk the wrath of local law enforcement.
  • Don’t overpack! This is a common mistake many travelers make — packing more clothes than necessary. Leave room in your suitcase so you can bring home souvenirs.
  • Bring a small towel. Just like “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”says, it’s a massively useful thing to have at all times, and it doesn’t add much weight to your backpack.
  • Take an extra bank card and credit card with you. It’s always good to have a backup in case you lose a card, or get robbed. Don’t get stuck in a new place without access to funds.
  • Make copies of your passport and travel documents, and email them to yourself. You never know when you’ll need access to your documentation, and you might not want to carry the original with you when you’re out and about.

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