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Cannabis Tree

Where Your Cash Goes a bit Further…



The Place

Having a massive parking lot in the Hillyard area of Spokane is great asset alone; add a massive building full of cannabis stores, and you have a winning combo. Housing two recreation shops under one roof, Cannabis Tree, aka The Weed Mall, immediately caught my eye. Once inside the first of their two shops, Discount Bud,  the amazingly “overbuilt” polished steel front countertop, as well as the room’s “straight to the point” aesthetics, provided a striking first impression. My ears perked up at the sound of some relaxing tunes, similar to Odesza and other PBR&B bands. With spacious display cases and convenient behind-the-counter placement, the helpful budtenders can easily grab your selections.

The Business

The second of the two branches of Cannabis Tree is The Hidden Joint, conveniently located on the other side of the building. The Hidden Joint is more of a connoisseur shop, with a bigger selection of top shelf products. Discount Bud is just what it sounds like, a quick, in-and-out type shop with a solid, reasonably priced product line—perfect for ballin’ on a budget!

The Products

I love seeing concentrates that are blonde, feature a high potency, look good and don’t hurt your wallet. And that’s what Discount Bud is all about! $3 grams, $10 eighths and $65 ounces of quality Sour Face products may be one reason this store has seen rapidly growing sales numbers. Budtenders recommended Om Shiv’s Glacier Goo, which has been in heavy rotation at the store. I also appreciated seeing MR Wholesale edibles up on the wall, with fair prices and amazing quality. $15-$20 concentrate grams from Altered States, Om Shiv and Sour Face make the Cannabis Tree a solid after work stop to stock up on your daily dose of canna products!


Location: 6620 N Market St, Suite #101, Spokane, WA 99217 – (509) 368-9065

Instagram: @hiddenjoint

Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 8am-12am


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