What Are They Smokin’?: Cannabis Users Prefer Yoga

While major pro sports leagues struggle with the legalization of marijuana, other forms of exercise are becoming increasingly popular with cannabis users. The most popular physical activity seems to be yoga.

“It’s been happening for a long time,” explains Bloom Farms founder Mike Ray, via Vogue. “Yoga and cannabis have gone together for as long as yoga and cannabis have been around.”

Clinical assistant professor of psychology and WSU researcher Carrie Cuttler seems to agree. So much so that Cuttler moved from Canada to Washington to do more research on marijuana’s effects.

“I saw greener pastures, so to speak,” Cuttler says, via The Daily Evergreen. “I thought, well, maybe I’ll pursue this cannabis research.”

One of Cuttler’s two research studies is seeking to understand the effects of chronic cannabis use on stress and cognition.

She appears to have identified that resistance exercises help improve prospective memory—our brain’s ability to remember to do a future activity. This would help chronic cannabis users who suffer from adverse effects to their prospective memory, according to Cuttler.

“It appears we don’t know much about cannabis use and yoga performance,” says Christopher Connolly, Director of Exercise Physiology & Performance Laboratory. “But some who use cannabis may be more likely to choose yoga as their physical activity modality than another form of exercise.”

The research regarding exercise and cannabis use is in its early stages, sure, but it’s also smart to hear what users are experiencing throughout their experience.

“Some people are reporting that they feel that it helps them to be more immersed in the yoga session,” Cuttler said. “And to be a little bit more mindful and more present.”

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The popularity of a shared marijuana and yoga experience has grown in popularity recently. Cannabis-yoga studios have popped up in San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas, among others.

And the studios appear to be doing the trick.

Emily Wilson, founder of Elevated Yoga in Las Vegas, has hosted two weekly marijuana-infused classes since 2016.

“Yoga heals on its own and cannabis heals on its own, so put the two together and it’s perfect,” she told The Las Vegas Sun.



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