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Cannabranding: Bondi Farms



Cannabranding: Bondi Farms 8

The retail experience for cannabis combine in the fields of branding and identity to truly elevate the presentation of this plant. For December, we sit down with Washington state based Bondi Farms co founder Grace Kelly, and their designer Nelly White to gain insights on their approach to branding cannabis.

What is your inspiration behind your brand?

Bondi Farms is named after a famous beach in Australia. While thinking of the name, we discussed the different moods cannabis helps us with. We all talked about our love of that beach and how we benefit from being there in a lot of different ways. Some people enjoy just laying out, taking in the sun, relaxing, while others like to be more active, maybe by finding solace out in the water. Cannabis is similar. Often times we’re smoking to chill or to elevate our senses a bit more. It brings us something—a sense of joy when we smoke it. We wanted people to enjoy our various strains of cannabis just like they might enjoy their experience of going to the beach

What message do you want to portray with your branding?

That anyone 21 and older can smoke Bondi. What was important to us was visibility without being pretentious and too specific to one type of person. We wanted uplifting, yet simple, clean, meaningful design—something noticeable on the shelves. You walk into any shop we’re in and you notice Bondi. 

Bondi Farms Cannabis Packaging

Is there any special meaning to the colors or references in your branding or packaging? If so, please explain.

The different color schemes we have for each of our strains helps give the purchaser at the store some identity to what they are buying. Like, for example, our Super Silver Lemon Haze is yellow to help identify this strain with the lemon citrus flavor it produces. It’s turned out to be our number one seller. And while the packaging has something to do with that, it’s more about the bud itself. While the label design is attractive, it’s more so that we focused on the details of that strain. You can put SSLH in any bag, any jar with any label and that is fine, but to make it more attractive, we shared its profile by way of color and design of the lemons. Another example is our Banana Kush which is green on top and yellow on the bottom just like a banana at the store. So, we try our best to have the color and graphics on the label reflect that strain. 

“The different color schemes we have for each of our strains helps give the purchaser at the store some identity to what they are buying.”

How do you feel your brand and identity reflect the cannabis industry?

While working on the development of our branding, we kept in mind the different cannabis lovers we’ve come across over the years. A lot of people are already convinced of the powers of cannabis. We aren’t trying to convince you how amazing the plant is, as most of us are past that. It’s now delivering consistent, quality buds in a way that isn’t screaming, “smoke me!” With a plethora of strains out there, we wanted to give you a sense of the strains scent and flavor profile. 

How are you making your brand distinguishable throughout the ever growing cannabis industry?

The goal of branding is to create a brand and product that consumers can come back to in the store and find exactly what they purchased before. We find our colors, our boldness in font and our simplicity help our customers find that same product much easier.

Bondi Farms Cannabis Packaging


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