Cannafeast 2017: Feast Your Brain on This!


Cannafeast 2017 ArizonaChef Keenan Bosworth of Pig & Pickle, Chef Payton Curry of Flourish and special guest Chris Martin of Hempful Farms teamed up on Monday the 11th to bring the city of Scottsdale an unforgettably unique culinary experience dubbed, “ Cannafeast .” This multifaceted event showcased and promoted efficient, healthy ways to infuse and medicate in your own kitchen, using CBD and THC; as well as featured vendors, live music, giveaways, a medicated bus furnished by Sunday Goods, an opportunity to meet the chefs, and much more.

At 4:20pm, the doors of Cannafeast opened and attendees were greeted with a swag bag full of goodies and invited to step up the open kitchen where the Chefs were handing out ice-cold glasses of freshly juiced cannabis. Free of activated THC, the drink was lite and refreshing, offering a full-body boost of energy and setting the stage for my palate and my expectations.

I wasn’t disappointed. Prior to grabbing my plate of infused cuisine, I perused the vendors and was happy to see booths from some of my favorite and trusted products including High Grade, Baked Bros, Sunday Goods, Hempful Farms, Huxton and more. Next, I found myself on the medicated VIP bus, packed with patients passing pre-rolls and fatties filled with the finest flower. After a solid super-session, I was more than adequately prepared to enjoy a delicious plate of infused cannabis cuisine.

Cannafeast 2017 ArizonaSet up buffet style, I was able to gauge my own appetite and dosage for each dish. With such an array to choose from, I sampled a little of everything. I can honestly say I wasn’t dissatisfied by any of the medicated options, but a few of my favorites included the honey glazed pork belly, tzatziki lamb slider, skirt steak lettuce wraps and of course the desert table. Taking up one third of the buffet, this well stocked collection of confections towered with tasty treats like smores, peanut-butter cookie bars and fresh strawberries, complete with a medicated chocolate fondue fountain!

I find my seat just in time for the chef’s tutorial. Chef Curry kicks it off by jumping right in to his patented, Sous Weed method for in-home/in-kitchen decarboxylation, “that will allow you to turn your favorite form of medicating into a soluble concentrate,” states Curry, “that can be added to any meal.” He even goes so far as to breakdown the numerical equation for finding the milligram ratio appropriate for your individual dosing needs.

Cannafeast 2017 ArizonaThe tutorial continued with speeches from Chef Bosworth and Chris Martin, explaining the importance of educated infusing using THC, CBD and full-spectrum hemp products, before opening the floor to Q and A. The event continued long into the evening as more food poured from the kitchen and the Chefs continued to juice and infuse pounds of cannabis in an open kitchen environment, allowing patients to view the process, sample infused products and ask additional questions throughout the night.

An undeniable success, Cannafeast will go down in history as an evening that opened doors, minds and stomachs to the community of cannabis.

Cannafeast 2017 Arizona

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