Cannagars for a Cause

CANNAGARS FOR A CAUSE – A Cannabis Cigar Fundraiser to Support Breast Cancer Research

Presented by: Leira, Gold Leaf Gardens, Evergreen Herbal and Green-Theory

Proceeds to be donated to The Pink Gene Foundation and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute.*

Leira, a leading Washington State based artisanal cannabis processor, has perfected the rare art of creating cigars entirely out of marijuana — the Cannagar. These high demand collectables are defining the luxury cannabis market. Leira is now aiming to give back to the community in an unprecedented way.

In support of breast cancer research and awareness, Leira has partnered with Gold Leaf Gardens to create a one of a kind Cannagar filled with 12 grams of Gold Leaf’s award winning Tangie strain, coated in 3 grams of layered Tangie rosin and wrapped in marijuana fan leaves. It is housed in a custom humidor by Cannador, custom engraved to commemorate the event. Several other cannagars and other cannabis items from coveted local processors such as Evergreen Herbal (EH) will be participating in the fundraiser as well. EH company’s business model was formed around a family member with breast cancer, making the fundraiser’s cause very important to them.

Green-Theory, Bellevue’s first marijuana retailer and a leading name in the industry, will be hosting the fundraiser at their store at 10697 Main Street in downtown Bellevue on Saturday, Oct 22nd 2016. Donations will be accepted from 4pm to 7pm.

About The Pink Gene Foundation:

The Pink Gene Foundation strives to help young women between the ages of 18-35 become proactive in the fight against breast cancer by educating and offering resources for awareness and prevention.  One of the ways they do so is by testing for the BRCA1/BRCA2 gene. This type of test is a new form of prevention for both women and men.  If an individual tests positive, it’s estimated that they have a 50-60% chance of developing cancer by age 70 compared to 12% for women who do not carry the gene.

Thermography is a safe radiation free screening available to all ages, which will identify any questionable areas in your breast with no harm to your body. The current problem is that there are limited locations for the screening and insurance doesn’t cover the costs.

 Dr. Cyrus Ghajar of the Fred Hutchison Research Institute, has joined the Pink Gene family to help achieve the ultimate goal of providing women with resources for awareness and prevention through their mentoring program and research project called the Pink Gene Screen.  This research project with Dr. Cyrus Ghajar focuses on compounds that specifically target dormant disseminated tumor cells; these tumor cells are the seeds that give rise to metastases in long-term breast cancer survivors

*all proceeds after WA state taxes from sale.