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Most people think of cannabis as a calming indulgence, more sedative than stimulating; perhaps something that helps with pain instead of launching a productive day. Everyone loves a good wake ‘n’ bake, but once in awhile responsible adults have to refrain from smoking a bowl before breakfast. At least until now…

Caffeine lovers, rejoice! There is an extraordinary cannabis-infused coffee that comes in individual 10mg servings. For use in aeropress, french press, or coffee pod machines, the simplicity of this product makes morning marijuana convenient for those of us that are not morning people.

The beans in Catapult Coffee are freshly sourced from respected Northwest roasters with reputations for rich full-bodied roasts. ReJavanate is their decaf version, with added proprietary herbs that aid in relaxation and may even help in falling asleep. A great digestif with dessert, ReJavanate tastes great and helps to bring a warm touch to an evening with friends.

Owner James Hull has an extensive history as a tech engineer and says that the cannabis industry is “way behind in technology due to its illegal classification of the past.” Hull’s production facility is state-of-the-art with remote monitoring and control; everything is regulated with computers.

Fairwinds Mfg. has rolled out a pumpkin spice latte vape cartridge for the holidays. It uses extracted oils from their high end Catapult Coffee, and is then infused with cannabis. It ends up tasting like an actual latte! Aiming for consistency and quality, Catapult is Washington State’s premium line of cannabis coffee.

The Aeropress

Invented by the same man who invented the Frisbee, the aeropress is one of the newest ways to make coffee and it is a favorite among baristas and caffeine connoisseurs for its full-bodied brew. Similar to a french press, it sits filled with coffee and hot water on top of a mug for a minute or two. When ready, it is aerated by being pushed through small holes at the bottom and into the mug. This method extracts more of the essential oils than any other – a must have for anyone who loves a strong, flavorful cup of joe.

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