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New Censorship Resistant Project Pays Users to Share Cannabis Content



Smoke Network

Smoke Network

What if there was a social network that not only encouraged its users to post cannabis-related content but also paid them in cryptocurrency for their participating within the social platform?

What if that network ran in a way that your page could never be shut down or censored?

That’s the goal of Smoke Network, an ambitious new project from a team of blockchain enthusiasts, cannabis connoisseurs and UX/UI designers.

The team envisions this project helping both cannabis users and advertisers by aligning the goals of all those involved. At a time when the likes of Facebook and Instagram are shutting down content related to cannabis, the Smoke Network is opening its doors to the cannabis community and hopes to be a censorship-free community where cannabis content flows freely in an environment free of spam and intrusive ads.

There’s been tremendous excitement around the Smoke Network so far, with over 20,000 signups pre-launch and over 67 percent of Smoke tokens distributed so far. Over 950,000 social actions have been completed for the project’s airdrop in under one month, which goes to show the interest in its launch. The project has raised over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to date in an initial coin offering, which allowed early investors and users a chance to own a part of the network before launch, find out more details here.

The project has a solid team behind it, including the people behind They recently launched a testnet of the Smoke Network, making way for the full main-net to be up later in 2018. You can even start posting cannabis content, but you won’t earn real SMOKE tokens yet!

The marijuana social network has already been featured by a wide range of industry thought-leading outlets including Lift Cannabis, Cannabis FN, Ganjaprenuer, Cannabis Culture, and Cannabis .Net. Oh, the project has also pledged a portion of their funds from their initial coin offering to NORML as an official sponsor. All in all, this one looks like a solid project.

If you are interested in being one of the early members of this social network that is surely going to change the game for cannabis users and brands sign up today on


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