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Cherry Crush: A Laid Back, Feel Good Hybrid



Cherry Crush by Ascend Cannabis Co.

Cherry Crush by Ascend Cannabis Co.

Introducing Ascend Cannabis Co.’s in-house Cherry Crush, a sweet, earthy flower that delivers a well-balanced combination of physical and cerebral effects. The genetics are a cross between Cherry Kola and Tangie, two opposites culminating in some gorgeously dense, sticky buds. Cherry Crush is perfect for any time of day and will make you feel relaxed and euphoric, yet  clear-headed; perfect for anxiety and stress, it quiets your mind a0nd invigorates your body. I recommend smoking this strain before practicing an instrument, working on an art project or going on an outdoor adventure.

Cherry Crush by Ascend Cannabis Co.

Available At…

  1. Ascend Cannabis Co.: 3555 S Yosemite St., Denver, CO 80237


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