Chocolate Mint OG

Ocean-Grown Cannabis


  • Test Results: 17.6% THC
  • Tested By: Green Leaf Lab
  • Produced by: Truly Oreganic
  • Instagram: @trulyoreganic
  • Website:
  • Provided by: Oregon’s Finest
  • Instagram: @oregonsfinestofficial
  • Website:

Chocolate Mint OG by Truly Oreganic

We’re covering a particularly tasty treat today: Chocolate Mint OG, grown by the Truly Oreganic team. Established in 2016, these folks unite sustainable growing practices with state-of-the-art growing equipment. Located right off the beautiful Oregon coast, they take advantage of added mineral nutrients, as traces of potassium, magnesium and calcium contained in sea spray spread among their inland soil. They only use living super soil and a little added compost tea, giving their flower exceptionally smooth flavor.

Chocolate Mint OG by Truly Oreganic
Chocolate Mint OG by Truly Oreganic

The first whiff of the densely packed, indica-dominant nugs gives hints of chocolate and mint, and the flavor did not disappoint; the chocolate coats your taste buds, while the exhale offers a nice minty aftertaste. I immediately felt the effects in my body, with a little buzzy activity in my head. Aches and pains subsided and I felt extremely relaxed. If you’re looking for something to quell the rising spring fever we’re all feeling, seek out some Chocolate Mint OG until the weather warms!


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