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Premiere: Hear Stoner Rockers Chron Goblin Fall into “Oblivion”



Stoner Rockers Chron Goblin

“For us, the fine herb provides a different perspective when writing parts, arranging songs, and coming up with innovative ideas for the band in general,” Chron Goblin guitarist Devin “Darty” Purdy informs DOPE. “Many jams have started with the ‘Canadian Speedball’ – a phrase we coined for consuming coffee and cannabis simultaneously.  It certainly does help with the boredom that can come with long van rides when on tour – especially on the long drives between Canadian cities.”

Chron Goblin hail from Alberta — a pretty good hike from the major Canadian metropolises. They’re not far from the Pacific Northwest, however, and their stoner rock racket leans heavily on sounds pioneered in that geographical vicinity. With vocalist Josh Sandulak channeling a less-laconic Mark Lanegan (of the Screaming Trees), they recall a time when bands as disparate as Melvins and Soundgarden got folded into the same genre — and before that genre was castrated.

Chron Goblin - Here Before

Here Before, which comes out on September 27th on Grand Hand Records, is a departure from their more aggressive last album. It’s a slower, gooier affair, the whole thing drenched in fuzz. Their new single, “Oblivion,” provides a perfect example. According to drummer Brett Whittingham: “’Oblivion’ was one of the first songs we had finished for the new album. This track feels like a transition from our previous album Backwater into the style and sounds that we leaned on in writing Here Before. It’s got a nice blend of heavy riffage and groove but with lots of space and room for vocals to breathe.” Breathe it in for yourself right here.

Order “Here Before” via Bandcamp.


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