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Chronic Desserts: Danky Cakes




It’s a toker’s fantasy. Chronic Desserts so delicious that they’ve taken home awards and trophies. Alas, the munchies experience has been elevated to a magnificent level of supreme satisfaction.

“I became a chef following a layoff as a veterinarian assistant…”

Imagine, an Easter-inspired cake made with a delicious chocolate-peanut butter shell and brownie filling. It took a trophy. Then last May, Chronic Desserts ranked upon’s Top 5 Amazing Edible Bakeries. The company also took first place in the People’s Choice category at LA’s Edible Sesh.

Chronic Desserts is a story of inspiration and hope. A tale that founder Leilani of Southern California enjoys sharing, especially with those who think it’s too late to live their dreams.

Dolphin Wedding Cake

“I became a chef following a layoff as a veterinarian assistant,” Leilani said. “I was also a massage therapist but there wasn’t much work. I had always baked and grew up baking. Being a chef wasn’t something I had dreamed about my whole life, but I enjoyed it. I was binge watching Food Network. I watched people baking and knew I could do it too. I just decided to go for it.”

Leilani dedicated herself, developing baking skills by watching instructional videos. From then on it was practice, practice, practice. She baked for friends and family, tested out recipes and received supportive feedback.

The great taste influenced great minds. Soon thereafter, Leilani created alcohol-infused cupcakes and formed a business. With success in alcohol products, Leilani decided to enter the cannabis market. Leilani sells alcohol based goods through her company, Intoxicated Desserts and founded Chronic Desserts in 2013.


Through personal preference, Leilani already preferred edibles over a toke. Then one moment took the cake, she explained. “A collective owner said, ‘We want to order alcohol cupcakes, but hey, have you ever thought about making them with weed instead of alcohol?’ I started to experiment.”

“The products were so pretty, that no one knew what to do with them,” Leilani explained with a smile. “The products looked like they were straight out of a bakery, so they automatically thought it wasn’t going to get them high. I actually had to talk them into eating it in the beginning. But once they did, it was on.”

Once Leilani began baking cannabis-infused edibles, she educated herself on what was already available. Disgusted by the taste, ingredients and lack of accurate dosing of available products on the market, she embarked upon her wellness mission.

“I started crafting edibles because I had insomnia and I couldn’t smoke weed to go to sleep, I had to eat it. So I started to make sugar-free pudding and eating it right before bed. I also noticed that most of the edibles had a lot of sugar and patients could not eat them. If you are a diabetic and walk into a dispensary, it’s like candy world. There was only one thing they could have – sugar-free gummy bears.”

Chronic Desserts grew up fast, into a very responsible adult. The products are infused with organic hash butter or solvent-free organic bubble hash oil. For those seeking a product infused with a certain strain, Leilani can oblige. Each product is lab-tested and able to accommodate a variety of desires including vegan, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free. She creates cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cakes and treats for a variety of annual celebrations and also events including weddings and bachelorette parties. Her multi-tiered designer wedding cakes are works of art.

One of Leilani’s favorite moments was baking for a collective owners’ Halloween-themed wedding. Leilani created a cake based upon the film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It contained a hefty 5,000 milligrams of cannabis and was worth $7,000. She also created Nightmare-inspired cookies, chocolate spiders and sugar skulls.

For those who like to cook on their own, Leilani has cake and frosting mixes available for purchase. The cake mixes are available in 500 or 1000mg doses. The shelf life is two years unopened.

One message Leilani has for the industry is that collectives and dispensaries carrying edibles should educate themselves on accurately storing and shelving products. For example, if Leilani’s cupcakes only have a shelf life of two weeks, they should only be available to consumers for that period of time. Event producers also need to properly store and shelve edible products during contests and award ceremonies. This is imperative for the health of the consumer and for the benefit of the company.

Chronic Desserts is available in Southern California upon the website, For those out of the SoCal area, additional services include delivery.


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