Come to the Light: Clinton Roman’s Creepy, Whimsical Glass


  • Instagram: @clinton_roman

This piece, entitled “Come to the Light,” was created by longtime glass artist (and even longer-time pipe maker) Clinton Roman back in 2015. From moving parts, sandblasting, sculpting, UV glass on the lamp and a flawless assembly, Roman created a functional piece of art that anyone can appreciate. “To me,” he explains, “working with glass is to get to know physics in a tangible sense — dancing with the elements.”

Roman told me this creepy monster is leading you to the light so it can devour your soul; perhaps it’s saying, “Do you really want to go into the light?” He started out as a glass artist in 1994, but had already been selling pipes in Grateful Dead concert parking lots back in the ‘80s.

This piece is currently not for sale, as it resides in a private collection. You can check out new work from Roman on his Instagram account, @clinton_roman.

Clinton Roman Creepy, Whimsical Glass

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