Coast to Coast Collective

The first thing you notice about Coast to Coast Dispensary, in Canoga Park is the location. It’s housed in its own building, with ample parking in its off the street lot.

The owners of Coast to Coast, long time golfing buddies, bought the building in Canoga Park outright in early 2014 to start what they hoped would be a friendly, community-oriented dispensary, and they’ve done just that.

It’s a bright room with an open feel. An ever present security guard keeps careful watch; their cases are filled with a wide array of high end product. Edibles, oils and concentrate pens await patrons as well as loose joints and free grams for first their time buyers. If it’s Wednesday, it’s “Wheel Wednesday”, when customers come in, make a donation, and spin the wheel to win random prizes.

It’s just one of the ways they’ve solidified their good standing in the community. Another is the very friendly, educated staff.  Smiley, courteous and professional. 

The big, obvious draw of Coast to Coast is their product.  They are almost never out of stock, and they take great pride in growing their own inventory on the premises.  Proud they certainly should be, as some of the giant branches of Illuminati (one of their most popular premium strains) looks as though it came straight out of the Amazon, or Three Mile Island perhaps, or a Spielberg movie.  Huge, lush, deep green buds the size of your fist, one after another, testing the strength of the branch they sprang from. Delicious looking flowers are seen flourishing through their “Grow Show” window. This rare attraction lets visitors to the location see the buds feeding themselves on their very bright, specialized grow lights.

It all adds up to being exactly the place many people have been hoping for, with a cool, healing vibe.  There is always an owner on site, and everyone on the clock is knowledgeable, so customers’ specific needs can be addressed on a case-by-case basis, ensuring no one leaves unsatisfied.