Community Gardens: Oakland-Area Delivery Service Takes Root


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Community Gardens Delivery Service – Oakland, CA

The People:

Who better to serve Oakland’s patients than born-and-raised locals with deep ties to the community? Proudly rooted in The Town, Community Gardens was founded in August 2017 by an all-black team who quickly became Oakland’s most exemplary delivery service. They host “Cannabis and Creativity” workshops, a “Sock It To The Streets” community service initiative to clothe vulnerable folks, and Senior “Cannabis 101” educational days that engage vendors, nurses and industry leaders in a dialogue regarding dosage, tolerance and consumption methods.

Their exceptional crew—Raeven Duckett, Demetrius Robinson, Melikaya White and Yvette Patrick—“saw the opportunity to help shape the industry, and make it a place that reflects the diversity of cannabis users . . . we’re not just a cannabis retailer, we’re a vehicle of change and diversity in the cannabis industry,” explains Duckett.

The Product:

Staff favorites include Keef Sparkling Water, Mind Tricks Toffee by Jetty Extracts and Kiva’s Petra Mints, as well as Kiva’s Blue Dream and Sour Diesel flower. To conduct business in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties, they’re being incubated by Kiva and Jetty Extracts (whose dablicators and PAX pods they also carry). “We’re honored to partner with such influential brands, and appreciate the commitment they show to the city we love!” states Robinson, whose dream is to pave a path for other minority-owned businesses.

Community Gardens Delivery Service - San Francisco, CAThe Service:

Their mission is simple: Help patients—from veteran smokers to elusive elders, curious co-eds and nervous novices—to “Medicate the Right Way” and organically fit cannabis into their lifestyle. Robinson feels welcomed by Oakland, and is “thankful to the City Council for the opportunity to dive head-first into a thriving industry we once were left out of.”

Community Gardens Delivery Service - San Francisco, CA


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