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Constellations of Cannabis: Star Leaf Farms



Constellations of Cannabis: Star Leaf Farms 4

The Place and People

In an unassuming building, in one of Spokane’s industrial areas, lies Star Leaf Farms—a Tier III grow utilizing both indoor and outdoor growing techniques. Their Head Grower, Salesman and Owner, Jeff Hedspeth, was busy trimming when I showed up. We briskly walked to the outdoor section of the grow to ogle the plants as we meandered between them. They had just begun to really stack on buds; growing in soil pots with drip irrigation.

Outdoor Cannabis Plants at Star Leaf Farms

Jeff is originally an indoor grower who applied the same principles to his outdoor plants. It worked to say the least. These plants were large, healthy and happy. The Salmon Berry was clearly taking to the outdoors, showcasing beautiful displays of pink pistols and lush green sugar leaves coated in trichomes.

“Maximizing the characteristics of each strain is the funnest part about growing.”

-Jeff Hedspeth

The grow has been operational for a year now, starting with one small grow room and minimal investment. From there they continually put their profits back into the business. They struggled for a long time and a recent break-in was definitely frustrating. Despite these setbacks, Star Leaf Farms has learned, adapted, moved forward and maintained a positive attitude throughout it all.

Outdoor Cannabis Plants at Star Leaf Farms

The Plants

Jeff firmly believes the most important aspect of growing is the cure. The details are proprietary, but after seeing the curing crop I can safely say it was like nothing I had seen before. His curing buds were dripping with hefty beads of sugar being pushed from the plant. Jeff stated, “I want to taste it and feel the difference,” which is why he focuses so heavily on the curing process. As Jeff put it, “Maximizing the characteristics of each strain is the funnest part about growing,” and curing is how he achieves it.

Later, as I smoked on his MILF weed—tasting and feeling the difference—I knew there was something truly special about his process and his farm.

Cannabis at Star Leaf Farms


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