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So you want to write for DOPE Magazine?

Well you’re in luck because we’d really like to hear from you, too. Whether you have a piece of cannabis news, a strong opinion on the politics of pot, or a product review on something too good to keep to yourself, we highly recommend you hit us up about getting your work onto the web and out into the world.

But we must be real with you—the volume of submissions we receive leaves us unable to respond to each article on an individual basis. However, if your work is selected you’ll hear from us within one month of your email. To increase the likelihood of having your submission accepted, keep these article structure guidelines in mind.


Typically run in the 350-500 word count range. Think something like “Washington D.C. Rally Draws Thousands in Support of Cannabis Legalization” or “3 Surprising Ways Weed Makes You Smarter”. Consider an article structure like this:

Strong Headline: Think attention-grabbing and relevant.
Introductory Paragraph: A clear and concise presentation of the issue at hand. Get the readership intrigued.

Article Body: Present the details of the story. Who is affected? What is happening and why?

Conclusion: Pull the piece together. Provide additional sources. Make an editorial commentary.

Feature Articles

Typically run in the 500-1000 word count range. These are more conceptual pieces that explore issues in-depth, are investigative in nature, draw complex conclusions, etc. An example would be Could Cannabis Cure the Opiate Addiction Epidemic? Consider an article structure like this:

Conceptual Headline: Be intriguing. Ask a question. Attempt a comparison.

Introductory Paragraph: What is going on? Why is this important?

Article Body: Sources and evidence for the concept you’ve presented. Consider subtitles to break the issue up for readers who prefer to skim.

Conclusion: Review the importance of the issue. Consider a call to action.

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