Cookies and Cream Bar: Standing at the Corner of Haze & Main

Cookies and Cream Bar by Haze & Main

The bold packaging of Haze & Main’s 250mg THC Cookies and Cream Bar caught my eye, color-coded to clearly identify flavor and dosage. The smell of sweet cream reached my nose as I pulled the bar from its box. I broke off one of the 10 squares for a 25mg dose and let it melt in my mouth. The white chocolate blended perfectly with the crispy cookies, finishing with a subtle hint of cannabis.

About 40 minutes later, I could feel the beginning of its effects, starting as a casual heaviness at the top of my head, slowly working its way into the center of my brain before settling behind my eyes. After a few hours, my stress and anxiety completely dissolved, leaving me worry-free and with a sensation of elevated focus that told me no matter what came my way today, I could handle it.

Cookies and Cream Bar by Haze & Main

Available At…

  1. Bloom Dispensary – Phoenix: 14 S 41st Pl., Phoenix, AZ 85034
  2. The Good Dispensary: 1842 W Broadway Rd., Mesa, AZ 85202
  3. Nirvana Center: 6287 E Copper Hill Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314